Thursday, February 05, 2009

What's Up With All the Tax Probkems with Obama's Staff?

No wonder the Democrats love taxes. They don’t pay ‘em. I think we could eliminate the federal budget deficit if the Democrats just paid the taxes they owe.

Nathan Moore: “The problem here, at least in my view, is not so much that Solis’ husband had some rather antique tax liens hanging around, but that the Obama administration’s vetting process has revealed itself to be decidedly incompetent. Or, more accurately, arrogant, which really is just a subform of incompetence. . . . The message is clear, no matter how earnestly the president employs Newspeak rhetoric in a vain attempt to muddle it - there are two sets of rules, one for us, and one for them. If they truly believed there was one set of rules, the administration would have taken it upon itself to weed out the tax-encumbered nominees from the process, but they didn’t - and that speaks volumes.”

I almost forgot to mention the problems of Democratic Congressman Charles Rangel!


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